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Spiritual Care Resources

We recognize the role spirituality plays in the healing process and as such, seek to meet the spiritual needs of our patients, regardless of religious or cultural backgrounds. 

Our Catholic identity reinforces our commitment to addressing these needs. The role of our chaplains, priests and ministers is to provide a listening ear, encouragement, support, prayer and presence to patients and their families. There are a number of Protestant ministers who are also available on an on-call basis. Notification of clergy, pastoral counseling and spiritual assistance during hospitalization, and emotional support during crisis is available upon request.

Daily Mass is held at 9 a.m. in the hospital chapel. Sacramental ministry is also offered. The Chapel is open at all times for quiet prayer and/or meditation.


End-of-life issues can and do occur at times when we are least prepared for them. Our pastoral care and family counseling staff is available to assist with patient/family dialogue and to offer spiritual support, encouragement, information and comfort for end of life care.

Centura Health cares deeply about helping you understand end-of-life issues. Click here to learn more about End-of-Life Care.

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