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What can I expect?

If I am referred for a study, what can I expect?

When referred for a study by their physician, patients enter the lab for a non-invasive, overnight test (polysomnogram). Greeted by the technologist upon their arrival, they are directed to a room where they prepare for bed. The technologist then attaches a number of sensors to the patient that will monitor his or her breathing, brain waves and leg movements during sleep. Once the patient is asleep, the technologist - who is in an adjacent room - observes the data via computer and records it.

The results of the study are viewed by the pulmonologist for diagnosis and provided to the referring physician to share with the patient.

What are the treatments for sleep disorders?

Treatment is varied depending on the severity of the problem, and can range from suggested weight loss or a night time breathing aid (CPAP), to surgical manipulation of the soft palate inside the mouth and throat.
Difficulties with sleep occur in both genders, all races, all socioeconomic groups, and increase with age.  Untreated sleep disorders have a profound impact nationally in terms of reduced quality of life, lower productivity in school and workplace, increased morbidity and mortality, and the loss of life due to accidents associated with excessive daytime sleepiness. 

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