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Flight for Life Colorado

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Nation's First and Finest

It comes as a surprise to some that the nation's first, and still one of its finest, air transport programs never requests financial information prior to an emergency flight. This service is part of Centura Health's commitment. Generous contributions from a grateful public help significantly.


In every way, Flight For Life is a community resource

We provide trauma transport across several states' highways and skyways with the region's most well-equipped vehicles. The Flight For Life Medical Team involves paramedic and pediatric specialists in emergency medicine.

Saving a Life

Flight For Life, operating out of Denver, Frisco, Pueblo and Colorado Springs, is part of the emergency transport services of Centura Health. Staffed with highly trained nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists, Flight For Life is able to handle all patients in need of air medical transport, or ground transport by the Critical Care Ground Transport ambulance.

Since 1993, Flight For Life has been accredited by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems. We are proud that our emergency air and ambulance system was the first in Colorado to achieve this designation.

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