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Volunteers are the heart of any organization and St. Thomas More is no exception.

Our volunteer program places volunteers in a variety of positions throughout the hospital. Just some of the areas they serve in are information resource desk, admissions, patient dismissals, radiology and medical records. We also place volunteers at our longterm care/skilled nursing facility, Progressive Care Center.

Volunteers also staff and operate the St. Thomas More Hospital Gift Shop, where all proceeds are donated to the St. Thomas More Health Foundation to support programs and services.

Junior VolunTEEN Program

Youths aged 14 and older are invited to participate in our VolunTEEN Program. No longer called "candy stripers", nor reserved just for girls, our VolunTEENers are learning life skills through volunteer work. While experiencing meaningful interactions with those in need, they may even discover new career possibilities!

For more information about volunteering, call our volunteer director at 719- 285-2104.

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