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Community Outreach

St. Thomas More Health Foundation is taking the lead role in the community in many educational programs and Community Health Outreach Programs.  These are some of the many programs and services we support. 

  •  Child Health & Safety Day
    Bike helmets and infant car seats, all individually fitted.

  • KOAA5 Southern Colorado Health Fair (previously known as 9Health Fair)
    Health screenings and education for adults in our community

  •  Cañon City Recreation District 
     Scholarship assistance to low income families for participation in recreational programs

  • 11th Judicial Victim Assistance Program
    Providing victims of domestic violence with items that begin to address the most basic of needs, dignity, self-esteem and self-preservation.

  • Fremont County Domestic Violence Coalition
    Violence Against Women 60+
    Materials for distribution to locations frequented by seniors in our community regarding prevention and assistance to those experiencing domestic violence

  • Community Disaster Preparedness
    Training and equipment necessary for any disaster that might occur where assistance is needed.

  • Cañon City Police Department and Florence Police Department
    AEDs and disaster preparedness training equipment

  • Forensic Interview Training – Cañon City Police Department, Florence Police Department & Department of Human Services
    Forensic interview training to conduct sexual abuse interviews and investigations of sexually abused adults and children



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