• Testimonials

  • "The St. Thomas More Wound Care Center has provided professional and informative education on the type of treatment needed on my legs for the last few years. The staff has treated my leg wounds with the utmost kindness and healing methods available."

    ~ James Mullins, patient

    "I have been going to this Wound Care Center since early 2012. I have gone to other wound care clinics before in Texas, but they were nothing like the wound care in Cañon City. The nurses are wonderful and very personable. They not only treat the wound, but tell you what they are doing and why. I would suggest St. Thomas More wound care to anyone. They are tops in my book!"

    ~ Teresa Tyner, patient

     As a patient looking for wound care services, you may contact us directly at 719-275-2147 or 719-275-2600.

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