• Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program

  • St. Thomas More Hospital - in conjunction with the St. Thomas More Health Foundation - now offers a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) Program that serves Fremont and surrounding counties.  Many cases of sexual assault occur every year in the communities we serve.  The SANE program was started to provide prompt, compassionate care and resources in a safe environment so victims can begin healing. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program in Canon City Colorado

    The hospital, together with Family Crisis Services, was granted funding through the Federal Government Department of Justice Grant to develop the SANE program, now housed within the St. Thomas More Hospital Emergency Department in a newly renovated SANE unit.  The grant provides funding for the next three years to support education, training, equipment, and the on-call time required to ensure a successful program.

    St. Thomas More Hospital was approved to develop a SANE site in February 2011 by the Colorado SANE board. Since then, six of our nurses completed the rigorous training and specialty education required to become a SANE nurse. 

    Besides serving Fremont, Custer, Chaffee, and Park counties, the SANE program also makes its services available to the many correctional facilities in the area. 

    Benefits of the SANE Program:

    • Confidential forensic exams
    • Testing for drug facilitated sexual assault (date rape drugs)
    • Specially educated and trained nurses
    • An advocate for you
    • Improved coordinated resources
    • Increased victim reporting rates
    • Consistent, quality evidence collection
    • Increased prosecution rates of perpetrators
    • An expert witness for trial
    • Solid, credible and neutral courtroom testimony

    Read more about our SANE Program.

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