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  • Welcome to Inspire, the health and wellness magazine published quarterly by St. Thomas More Hospital for residents of Fremont County. Our hope is that the education and stories within Inspire will do exactly that…inspire you to improve your health so that you can live life to its fullest. St. Thomas More is building a culture of wellness within its own walls with its associates, but also amongst the people in the communities we serve. A culture of wellness will help us all live healthier, and happier.  So, come and learn small steps that can lead to big improvements in your health. Enjoy getting to know our health experts, services, community involvement and educational offerings by reading Inspire. If you have comments or stories that will inspire us, please email us at inspire@centura.org.

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    Stroke of Good Fortune
    Nurturing Healthy Aging
    10-Minute Health Tips
    Help With Heart Meds
    What To Do If You're Bit By A Rattlesnake
    Listen To Your Heart
    Kid-Friendly Summers
    Events Calendar

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