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  • Debbie-BellWeb.jpg“I had an excellent medical team by my side the moment I arrived at St. Thomas More Hospital. From the emergency room to radiology to surgery and finally to the medical floor, every person I encountered was professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. The associates at St. Thomas More Hospital take their responsibility of saving lives – including mine – very seriously.  I can think of better things to do with an entire week, but if I have to be hospitalized, St. Thomas More is by far the best place to be.

    In fact, I am so impressed with the care they provided to me and my family that I now support our local hospital by serving on its Community Board of Trustees. We are so blessed to have such an incredible place of caring in our community!”

    Rick-HarveyWeb.jpg“I was feeling pain in my chest and jaw one day at work. It persisted so I went to the E.R. at St. Thomas More. I told them I thought I was having a heart attack, and they immediately took action. Within moments, I was hooked up to monitors and received medications. The physician confirmed I was having a heart attack and instantly made arrangements with Flight For Life. The teamwork was incredible. They stayed calm which helped me feel safe. I trusted them with my life. 

    I was flown to Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs where I underwent a procedure to clear the blockage. Afterwards, I thanked the cardiologist for saving my life. He shared the credit with the fast-acting medical professionals at St. Thomas More. He said that if it wasn’t for them and Flight For Life, I wouldn’t have made it that far. 

    Everyone I encountered – the E.R. staff, flight crew, cardiology team – was amazing. In my 57 years, I’ve been in hospitals several times; yet, it was during my most critical time that I had the best experience possible. What more could I ask of the people who saved my life?” 

    Rob-BrownWeb.jpgThe value of St. Thomas More Hospital to the economic vitality of Fremont County is priceless. We are blessed in this rural county to have a thriving local hospital. It continues to provide quality care and strives to move to the forefront of preparation for changes in health care.

    Every day, economic development professions attempt to recruit new businesses with new jobs to communities. Communities without a local hospital have an uphill battle. It is a true pleasure to be able to tell prospects that Fremont County has a dedicated hospital in St. Thomas More. If we were to ever lose this asset, our prospects for attracting new companies would greatly diminish. 

    In addition to being an asset for the attraction of new and expanding business, St. Thomas More Hospital provides a positive economic impact to our county. With a labor force of nearly 400 employees, it ranks as Fremont County's third largest employer behind government and education. Furthermore, they had an economic drive into the community through direct and indirect impact – including salaries and benefits – of $97.3 Million in just one year from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.”

    DrMcGuireWeb.jpg“If it is possible to live without regret, having a firm appreciation of life’s gifts would seem to be essential.  In this case, it’s something thousands of us in our community use every year and has come to rely on as if it stands without legs. It is our hospital.

    I have cared for patients at St. Thomas More Hospital for 21 years and have been cared for here myself several times as a patient. I know firsthand what it’s like to place one’s life in another person’s hands and trust them to do their best.  In a sense, the hospital is that portal through which we enter this life as helpless infants and often time exit as helpless adults. Its mission is to heal the sick, comfort the dying, and promote the general health of the community it serves. 

    Our hospital does have legs! These are the people who support it through donations and hard work, as well as those who use the hospital when their health is threatened or to bring life into this world. Let us have no regrets when it comes to our hospital’s future.”

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