• Why Should I Donate?

  • You may be asking, "What's in it for me?"

    Did you know:

    • that every time you donate blood you undergo a mini physical to measure your blood pressure, pulse rate, iron level, and temperature. These checks, combined with a medical history evaluation and a complimentary cholesterol screening, help you monitor your health.
    • that every blood donation can save up to three lives? So, blood truly is the "Gift of Life."

    Those are some of the physical benefits to you. But, what about the unseen benefits, the benefits to our patients?

    • Ask a new mom whose precious baby needed blood in her first few days of life,
    • Or a cancer patient undergoing another exhausting round of chemotherapy treatments. She will typically use 6-8 units each week during her hospital stay,
    • Or the parents of a teenager involved in a car crash who may need your blood to help stabilize his life-threatening injuries,
    • Or the spouse of a patient undergoing heart surgery who may require several units of blood to keep his heart beating strong.

    Ask those people and they will tell you that the benefits are immeasurable. There is a real need for on-going blood donations. One out of every ten persons entering a hospital will need blood and over 95% of us who will reach the age of 72 will need blood some time in our lives. Studies indicate that although 65% of the population is eligible to donate, only 4-5 % actually do. We welcome donors daily to assist us in keeping pace with the increasing demand for blood and blood products in our community.

    Why should you donate? The most important reason is a very simple one - your donation can make the difference between life and death for someone in need.

    Give Blood . . . Give Life

  • Blood Donation

    Want to donate?

    View our calendar for upcoming blood drives at St. Thomas More.

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