• Donor Requirements

  • In general, donors must:

    • be in good health
    • weigh at least 110 pounds
    • be symptom free of cold or flu
    • be 18 years of age (if 17-years-old, may donate with written parental consent). There is no upper age limit.

    There are other medical requirements.

    Many medications are acceptable for blood donations including those for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. If you were deferred in the past from donating blood, please try again. Most deferrals are temporary and deferral restrictions may change. Please call the blood bank if you have questions about your eligibility to donate blood.

    Donating blood takes approximately 45 minutes. It is a safe, 4-step process which includes:

    You will be asked to provide basic information about yourself such as your name, address and age. You will then be instructed to read or review important donor information.

    Medical History Interview
    After answering a series of personal questions about your medical history, a blood bank professional will escort you into a private interview area. There you will be asked additional confidential questions and your medical history assessed for donation eligibility.

    Mini Physical and Blood Donation
    A drop of blood will be taken from your finger and analyzed for red blood cell concentration. This process will assure blood bank staff that your red blood cell count is adequate for you to donate. Your blood pressure, temperature and pulse rate are taken. After all requirements are met, a phlebotomist will cleanse and sterilize an area of your arm. A sterile needle is then inserted in your arm to collect the blood. The collection process will take about 5-10 minutes.

    After the donation is completed, you will relax and enjoy juice and tasty snacks. This recovery time will aid your body in replacing the volume you lost during the donation.

  • Blood Donation

    Want to donate?

    View our calendar for upcoming blood drives at St. Thomas More.

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