• Student Placement Process & Orientation

  • An affiliation agreement between your academic institution and Centura Health must be in place prior to STM accepting any rotation application. Completed Attestation Form Letter must be received at least 20 days prior to the start of the requested rotation date. Failure to provide this information 20 days in advance shall result in postponement or delay in beginning the rotation. 

    1. Please review the Student Placement Process.
    2. After reviewing the above, please send an inquiry to sonyaterrian@centura.org. Inquiry will need to include name of school, type of student, level of program and rotation dates. Upon confirmation of current contract, departmental approval, and dates requested, an email of acceptance or denial will be sent to school representative. If accepted, process will be as follows:          
      1. Step 1: School - submit completed Attestation Form Letter and Meditech IT Request (if applicable) for Students/Instructor to sonyaterrian@centura.org. Please do not change format or delete columns. Requests will not be accepted if altered.  
      2. Step 2: After Meditech Access IT ticket is completed, ID numbers and user names will be sent to school.  School and/or students are responsible for student/instructor enrollment into Meditech class and testing.  Please follow the Meditech Instructions here.
      3. Step 3: Students/Instructor – Print off and complete the Hospital Orientation packet, Signature/Test page and Policy Review in order to complete the checklist.   

    You must bring the required signature documents and completed checklists to the first day of student orientation. Follow the information provided in the hospital orientation packet and policy review IN ORDER to complete the check list.

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