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  • When you make a gift to the Foundation, you make services like these possible and, in many instances, realize significant tax advantages. The St. Thomas More Foundation is a 501(c ) 3 charitable organization. Please consult your tax and legal counsel for advice on the giving method best suited to you. 

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    Among the many options are:

    • Outright gifts
    • Gifts of cash
    • Gifts of securities
    • Gifts of real estate
    • Gifts of personal property
    • Planned gifts, through wills and bequests
    • Life income plans, including trusts and annuities
    • Gifts of life insurance
    • Named gift opportunities
    • Giving clubs
    • Memory and honor gifts

    You may designate your gift for a specific purpose or program, or you may allow us to allocate your donation to the programs most in need. 

    The professional staff of the St. Thomas More Foundation welcomes the opportunity to assist you and your financial and legal advisors. We will provide the information you need to select a giving option in keeping with your philanthropic and financial goals.

    Contact Information
    Christi-Marie Butler
    Director of Philanthropy
    Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation and Centura South State Operating Group

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