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  • Receive Expert Care for Hip Pain in Cañon City, CO

    If prolonged hip pain or a recent injury is keeping you from enjoying the active lifestyle you are used to, St. Thomas More Hospital offers a range of treatment options to help. If you need physical therapy, rehabilitation exercises or hip replacement surgery, our orthopedic specialists will provide you with compassionate care to get you back on your feet and moving again.

    Noninvasive Treatment Options for Hip Pain

    At St. Thomas More Hospital, our physicians specialize in hip rehabilitation through exercise and pain treatment. Depending on the cause and severity of your hip pain, you may find relief through physical therapy. With access to our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center and experienced physical therapists, your road to recovery starts here.

    When to Get Hip Surgery in Cañon City

    If you have been living with chronic joint pain in your hip for an extended period of time, total hip replacement surgery may be the treatment of choice to regain range of motion in your joint and significantly reduce pain. Our hip specialists can eliminate the bone-on-bone rubbing that causes stiffness and pain in the joint by smoothing the socket and replacing the head of the thigh bone (the ball that pivots within the socket) with a prosthetic implant. This implant attaches to both a metal rod within the thigh and a metal cup over the socket. 

    The orthopedic surgeons at St. Thomas More are experts at performing hip surgery to treat a number of hip conditions including:

    • Congenital hip dysplasia, hip impingement and other developmental problems
    • Septic arthritis
    • Hip joint injuries, including torn cartilage, dislocations and overuse injuries
    • Rheumatoid arthritis, synovitis and other inflammatory conditions
    • Loose pieces of cartilage and bone inside the hip joint
    • Osteoarthritis
    • And more

    Treat Your Hip Pain Today at St. Thomas More Hospital

    If you are in Cañon City, CO, experiencing hip pain and would like to receive excellent treatment from St. Thomas More’s skilled orthopedic team, contact us today at 719-285-2646 to schedule an appointment.

    St. Thomas More Hospital provides patients with state-of-the-art treatment and care for bones and joints, including hip rehabilitation and joint replacement surgery in Cañon City, CO.

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